Sunday, November 17, 2013


Eek, this is one of my longest streaks without posting. I've been busy with work and visitors the last couple months (and a couple of music festivals happened after my last entry..). We've been spending time this month with a friend from Italy and Eric's bandmates. In a week, Eric's family from Florida will be in town too. I would say that all the visitors coming and going has helped us to keep our place cleaner than usual, but that's not really true. :/

 One big project we did in the last month was plant rye seed in our yard. It was a surprising amount of work to turn over all of the soil in our tiny back yard, but it looks great now.

Other happenings: Eric got a full time job offer at a company he's been doing contract work for. I'm so happy for him that he found a job he loves (at a really cool startup). (!!) // I've been "training" for a 5 mile race that I'm doing with a bunch of my family at Thanksgiving. // My first batch of homemade Kombucha is just a couple days away from trying.