Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2019 Highlights

Happy New Year! I hope to be blogging more regularly here. 2019 was mostly a very good year and had a lot of family and travel highlights.

In March during my spring break, a group of close friends traveled together to Big Bend National Park. It was a magical week of hiking, group meals and goofs.

I won a teaching award in the School of Natural Sciences:

 In May we got to travel with family to the UK and had a wonderful time exploring coastal towns, visiting family, eating (fish & chips! meat pies!) and family runs:

Eric and I had a week to travel together post-family trip to visit a friend in Ghent and spend a few days in Paris:

At the end of June my family rented a beach house together in Florida. It was a really special week of seashell hunting, sand castles, pool time and a record amount of snacks (seriously! sadly don't have photo evidence):

and I continued making ceramics: