Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Not a whole lot happening right now, other than grading a bunch of calculus exams. We've had a really fun past couple weeks with birthday parties and sending off Stephie as she moved to Portland (miss you!).

I've oddly been wanting to learn how to fold origami. I've always thought it was neat, but never had an interest until about a month ago. Now our coffee table is covered in random origami papers and failed attempts of intricate flowers.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chocolate Chip "Pumpkin" Muffins

A cold front came through Austin this weekend and I happily turned on my oven to bake on Saturday. I still have several jars of canned butternut squash from grandma's garden and decided to bake something with pumpkin to take to Stephie's going away party (Steph Goes West Fest). I used a regular ole' recipe something like this. They turned out delicious and reminiscent of my mom's famous pumpkin ring cake.

 I also made a carmelized onion tart that's always a hit.

Stephie's party was really fun, but sadly I forgot to take a single picture! Doh. I brought ingredients to make a Whiskey Smash (bourbon + lemonade + berry juice) and it was a hit. (The berry juice is from grandma's berries! Thanks mom for canning everything.)

Wonderful weekend. We're going to miss you, Steph!