Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chocolate Chip "Pumpkin" Muffins

A cold front came through Austin this weekend and I happily turned on my oven to bake on Saturday. I still have several jars of canned butternut squash from grandma's garden and decided to bake something with pumpkin to take to Stephie's going away party (Steph Goes West Fest). I used a regular ole' recipe something like this. They turned out delicious and reminiscent of my mom's famous pumpkin ring cake.

 I also made a carmelized onion tart that's always a hit.

Stephie's party was really fun, but sadly I forgot to take a single picture! Doh. I brought ingredients to make a Whiskey Smash (bourbon + lemonade + berry juice) and it was a hit. (The berry juice is from grandma's berries! Thanks mom for canning everything.)

Wonderful weekend. We're going to miss you, Steph!

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