Monday, August 18, 2014


Flowers in grandma's garden. Forgot the name (mom, help?).

I'm missing all the flowers up in Pennsylvania (and the much, much cooler weather). It's really hot in Austin right now, and despite some green plants in our back yard, our grass is very fried and not very pretty to look at.

Queen Anne's Lace growing in the wild. Did you notice the ant? I didn't until I went to add this caption!

I'm so obsessed with Queen Anne's Lace. And it grows wild EVERYWHERE up in PA. I had to resist the urge to pick some every time I saw it. My dad made a pit stop at a Home Depot one day and instead of going in with him, I convinced my mom to go to the side of the parking lot and help me pick a bunch of it (thanks mom!).

They also remind me of my wedding flowers (below) which makes me very, very happy :)

^My wedding flowers with Queen Anne's Lace (among other gorgeous picks by my Aunt Robin)

Flower outside of grandma's house. Forgot this one's name too (mom, help?).

I haven't made much since I've been back in Austin. I'm feeling a whole lot better, but the last stages of early lyme is fatigue. On Friday night I was so extremely exhausted/tired I went to bed at 6pm. Yep. You can see why I'm not sewing or baking anything right now. I'm happy to be doing a lot better though.

Echinacea in grandma's garden.

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tanaconner said...

these are beautiful!
6pm?! glad you are starting to feel better now.