Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2019 Highlights

Happy New Year! I hope to be blogging more regularly here. 2019 was mostly a very good year and had a lot of family and travel highlights.

In March during my spring break, a group of close friends traveled together to Big Bend National Park. It was a magical week of hiking, group meals and goofs.

I won a teaching award in the School of Natural Sciences:

 In May we got to travel with family to the UK and had a wonderful time exploring coastal towns, visiting family, eating (fish & chips! meat pies!) and family runs:

Eric and I had a week to travel together post-family trip to visit a friend in Ghent and spend a few days in Paris:

At the end of June my family rented a beach house together in Florida. It was a really special week of seashell hunting, sand castles, pool time and a record amount of snacks (seriously! sadly don't have photo evidence):

and I continued making ceramics:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Clay Final Project

This past year I decided to take art classes for fun at the university I teach at. I'll admit I was a little naive with how time consuming it would be to be taking college level art classes, but I loved all the classes I took. Last spring I took a handbuilding clay class and a watercolor class. In the fall I took a wheel throwing class. I fell completely in love with clay and spent most of my free time in the studio. Our final project was to create a placesetting for at least four people with a minimum of 12 pieces. This was an incredibly challenging project for students new to throwing. Plates are a challenge to beginners as well as centering larger weights of clay.

I was completely humbled to be a student again. Having to adhere to all the same deadlines as the other students, I found some weeks nearly impossible to meet deadlines when life and work got busy. There were a couple nights I was in the clay studio late at night with a bunch of other students feeling that late night deadline crunch. (I can empathize so much more with my students now!)

More posts soon!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Hi, I'm alive! I disappeared when things got busy. I decided to take classes at the university I teach at (amazing opportunity to take classes for free!) and mistakenly took two classes in the spring semester. I took Clay I, a handbuilding class, and Watercolor I. I had so much fun, but I was in the clay studio all the time. I'll share some things I made soon.

I'm off this summer (YAY!). I spent almost four weeks in the UK at the beginning of the summer. Two & a half were spent as a faculty chaperone on a UK study abroad trip. The last week Eric flew over and we had a vacation in Ireland. Now I'm back working on house projects and such.

One of my first projects when I got back: brewing kombucha. I brewed kombucha once before, but it only turned out alright. I grew my own scobies recently and decided to give kombucha brewing one more shot. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad I did! This batch turned out fabulous. A great sweet/sour balance and I got bubbles! Woo! I added fresh strawberries when I bottled the batch and dropped in a raisin or two in each mason jar. The raisin is supposed to help with the carbonation. I followed the kombucha recipe here .

Homegrown scobies!

Making the starter tea

Now I'm on a cycle of continuous brewing, so we should have kombucha frequently! :-)

Monday, March 13, 2017

happy birthday eric!

Happy Birthday Eric! I made these chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiches. OMG. omg. Soft chocolate chip cookies with a cookie dough filling to go in the middle. I will be making these again.

Looking forward to celebrating Eric's birthday tonight at our favorite restaurant, Odd Duck. Also looking forward to this whole week because it's SPRING BREAK! Lots of watercolor and clay projects on the to-do list and a little free sxsw music stuff too. ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Old Fashioned Cupcakes

My  mother-in-law made these for my birthday this year and OMG they are the best. The recipe is a whiskey soaked orange cupcake and orange buttercream. When a friend of mine's birthday rolled around, I decided to make them for her. I used this recipe.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! This is an extra good one for me. Tomorrow marks the end of a Whole30 for me & Eric. (Whole30 = 30 days of no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, or soy.) I started feeling great at least half way through - way more energy than normal, no afternoon slump, better moods, better sleep, the list goes on. I'm so happy we did it.

The month was far easier than I had anticipated. There's quite a bit of food prep and a TON of dishes, but otherwise it's not that hard. We ate really good food the entire month and will keep many of our favorite meals from this month in rotation. The food is really satisfying - no big surprise that real food would make you full and content.

Some favorites: (all meat was well sourced, grass-fed, nitrate free, etc. etc.)

Breakfast: eggs & bacon or banana "cereal" - sliced banana, walnuts, almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raisins and coconut milk

Lunch: tuna salad made with homemade mayo on top of big salad (...we mostly ate a lot of dinner       leftovers for lunch)

Dinner: slow cooked jerk chicken thighs, guacamole, & sweet plantains; grilled flank steak and broccolini; roasted pork tenderloin with garlic and rosemary potatoes

We broke some sort of record with how many avocados, eggs and sweet potatoes we ate this month.

Your sweet tooth fades when you eat this like, but this last week I have been daydreaming of pancakes and cinnamon rolls. There are pancakes in my future this weekend. And wine.