Saturday, July 1, 2017


Hi, I'm alive! I disappeared when things got busy. I decided to take classes at the university I teach at (amazing opportunity to take classes for free!) and mistakenly took two classes in the spring semester. I took Clay I, a handbuilding class, and Watercolor I. I had so much fun, but I was in the clay studio all the time. I'll share some things I made soon.

I'm off this summer (YAY!). I spent almost four weeks in the UK at the beginning of the summer. Two & a half were spent as a faculty chaperone on a UK study abroad trip. The last week Eric flew over and we had a vacation in Ireland. Now I'm back working on house projects and such.

One of my first projects when I got back: brewing kombucha. I brewed kombucha once before, but it only turned out alright. I grew my own scobies recently and decided to give kombucha brewing one more shot. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad I did! This batch turned out fabulous. A great sweet/sour balance and I got bubbles! Woo! I added fresh strawberries when I bottled the batch and dropped in a raisin or two in each mason jar. The raisin is supposed to help with the carbonation. I followed the kombucha recipe here .

Homegrown scobies!

Making the starter tea

Now I'm on a cycle of continuous brewing, so we should have kombucha frequently! :-)

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