Monday, April 13, 2009


I recently made necklace charms out of shrinky-dink!

I have a cute model to wear the non-girly ones I make:


the house that was built on jack said...

Those are adorable. How did you make them? The one of TX makes you look a little bit like a gangster haha

Monica said...

yayay comment from Meg!

I made them from shrinky-dink. It's sheets of thin plastic that are easy to cut out things from. You bake the things you cut out in the oven, and they shrink to half their size (and harden). You can find it at Michael's.

haha, I made the Texas to hang from my rear-view mirror. I'm sure I'll wear it as a necklace sometime though

K said...

holy crap those are cute. i gotta get me some shrinky dink. they remind me of that necklace i bought for tomo at wolfgang in g-ville. the texas one rocks.