Friday, July 24, 2009


today is Friday and has started out well.

any day without burning jalapeno hands is a good day, but today is especially good because:

I woke up and made Eric and I smoothies:

mine- spinach, banana, frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, plain yogurt, agave nector, and skim milk.

Then I walked to the local co-op and bought some cornmeal so I can dust the english muffin dough with it tomorrow morning when I bake them. I listened to an interesting podcast on the way, which had me giggling out loud.

Then I put on a podcast of an old npr "wait, wait don't tell me" while drinking coffee and baking brownies:

I added about three tablespoons of instant coffee that Amy gave me the other day. I was only going to only put a tablespoon in, and then I sampled it and wanted more...they are delicious with the coffee!


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