Friday, July 24, 2009


Eric and I went home to Florida last week to visit our families. My momma's garden is in full effect, and the her biggest crop right now is jalapenos! By accident though. Mom loves green peppers, so she bought a bunch of green pepper baby plants a while back (clearly marked with 'green pepper' tags). She later found out that they are jalapenos, not green peppers. She thinks some kid thought it would be funny to switch the labels on the pepper plants...

So mom doesn't eat a whole bunch of jalapenos, so she's been giving them away to ladies she works with. She sent me back to Texas with over 20 of them, along with cabbages and tomatoes.

I hate wasting anything, so the thought of a bunch of these peppers going bad bummed me out. In an effort to not be wasteful, I cut up about a dozen of them on Tuesday to stick in the freezer.

I knew it was a risk cutting up jalapenos, and if I had a pair of gloves I would have worn them...but my last experience cutting up jalapenos involved tieing plastic grocery bags tightly around my hands/wrists and playing a guessing game if the knife was getting close to my fingers (see picture below)

except the bag was white, and not see through...

So this time I decided to be stubborn and not wear the plastic grocery bags again.

I chopped up the peppers around 4 pm. A couple hours after chopping them, I felt some burning on my hands, my lips, and around one of my eyes. I figured that was the worst to come, and it didn't seem so bad. A few hours later, the burning got slightly more intense, but I was still functioning.

The burning kept worsening, so I started looking up rememdies online. I tried yogurt, ice water, aloe, ... bleh. I was hoping if I could just fall asleep I'd wake up in the morning and it would have chilled out.

yeahhhhh right. At midnight, it was becoming out of control. From midnight to 5am, I experienced the most intense burning I've ever had. My hands felt like they were on fire, and even submersed in a bucket of ice water, they still burned like hell. I layed on the floor all night, awake, with my hands stuck in bowls of ice water groaning and using salty language.

Eric woke up to me in the living room sprawled out with arms stretched out after having a slumber party all night with burning hands and ice water:


Unknown said...

There was also a bowl of water above your head, in case you needed to change positions. It was sad and funny.

Amy said...

I have a huge box of food-service gloves (pretty much a lifetime supply!) and will give you a handful of them. *hug*