Saturday, November 14, 2009

One of my favorite students requested that I bake the class cookies one day. So I did, and brought them in, and of course the student who requested them was not there that day! I don't remember him ever missing class. And then my 2:30 class found out from someone that I baked the other class cookies, so they were jealous, and now I owe another class a batch of cookies.

These are pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. My mom bakes better ones, but these were still good. [ recipe ]

Ashley's bridal shower was last weekend and I did the worst wrapping job ever. I blame part of it on the paper though. So the night before I was franticly trying to figure some way to make it look better....the only thing I had around was white tissue paper, so I did this to the top..just like elementary school projects with the tissue paper squares and elmer's glue. The present turned out really cute!

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