Monday, February 1, 2010

runny nose pasta.

My boyfriend has had really bad sinus problems lately, and I've just been thinking (1) poor thing (2) thank god that doesn't happen to me (well, I mean, of course there's a (1.5) I wish I could do something to help).

Yeah well this weekend my sinuses decided to freak out. My nose has been running like crazy and I was sneezing repeatedly throughout the weekend. I'm talking huge, wet sneezes.

I've done various things this weekend to try and help: Putting my tea kettle sit on the burner letting steam out for hours to add moisture to the air, Using Vicks, Running a small humidifier in my room, Performing a "nasal rinse" (similar to using a neti pot), .... Okay, anyways, I've been doing everything.

Today I decided tonight's dinner should be SPICY. It looks innocent in the picture, but I put in a decent amount of ground red chili pepper hoping to loosen up my sinuses. Success.

I also had half of a glass of red wine from a bottle that's been open for almost two weeks.*

And, after dinner, I had a chocolate truffle.

These are so good! I picked them up on a whim at Target because they were on sale.

* = I recently purchased a wine pump from Ross for $8. A very well spent $8, especially if you live alone and like to drink wine!

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