Saturday, May 1, 2010


I missed Happy Friday.

This week has been incredibly busy with work. But, I did manage to make two videos. For one of the math classes I teach (the one designed for Humanities majors- who will never take any more math), I made a video for each section to show the last day of class.

The story behind these are: A student's grade in this class is based solely on exams and the final, so we offer quite a bit of extra credit to help cushion their grade since we don't grade homework or have quizzes. As an easy extra credit, I let my students make a video and one of the only requirements was to include at least one math topic from our class. Funny videos were strongly encouraged.

In return, I decided to make two cartoons videos for them (one for each section). Each is tailored to the inside jokes of that particular section, so some clips of the videos may not make sense.

section 1's video:

section 2's video:



(K) said...

these are amazing.

Monica said...

:D thank you! took forever.

Unknown said...

Those are are so cute!! What did you use to make them?

Monica said...

just saw your comment Ashley- I used my tablet to draw pictures and used Camtasia to record the screen (video screen capture program)