Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY wedding bands?

My father is a plummer and he has been married to my mother for 37 years.

My dad's original wedding ring is paper thin now from his many years of working:

Here is his band compared to a fairly new wedding band's width:

For at least a couple years he's been saying (and my mother has been nagging him) he needs to get a new wedding band. Today my dad decided that he wanted to make his new wedding band.

He found a stainless steel pressure balanced shower valve he had and went to work.

(original valve)

Dad hacksawed the center section out of the valve to use for the ring, and used a dremel tool with an abrasive bit to carve out some out of the center and to shape the ring.

finished product:


Anonymous said...

That's really cool!

Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

Hahaha, awesome. Your pops gets a check plus in my book.

Myers said...

Monica, that is so inventive and creative of him! He did a great job!