Monday, June 14, 2010

wedding toppers.

I suppose weddings is the theme for the week? My brother is getting married on June 26! I asked him and his fiance, Jamie, if I could make the wedding people for on top of their cake.

I tried really hard to get into a ceramics course this past spring, but once again I was snubbed. Since I didn't have access to a ceramics studio, I went searching in Michael's to find some clay that I could bake in my oven or air-dry.

A sales worker suggested Amaco's porcelain air-dry clay. I did a trial run and really liked the way it dried.

So here are the final products and the mess along the way:

(on the left [bride] is what the clay looks like before drying. the groom is dry)


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Anonymous said...

So, cute :)