Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chloe dress and tu-tu

My cousin's daughter, Chloe, is 4 and is so adorable. She was out of town with her dad (my cousin Fred) in Pennsylvania and would be returning to Colorado a few days after me. I borrowed a sewing machine from their neighbor (the nicest sewing machine I've ever used in my life) and looked at some of Chloe's dresses to get an idea of what to make.

I picked out some cute fabric and a dress to try and model my dress after. It's the first time I put in a liner in the inside of the dress and made all the seams and everything look really neat on the inside. It turned out so cute. I think not using patterns makes my sewing time a lot longer, but I learned so much from making this from just trying to figure everything out. I think at some point in the future I'll try using a pattern.

I also made her a tu-tu because she loves them.

As soon as she walked in the door, she yelled out "new clothes!!!" when she saw the dress hanging on the coat rack. She loved it, but then tried to get it on, and I discovered I made it too small. boo. Now I have to take some of it apart and make it bigger.


Anonymous said...

That dress is absolutely adorable!!! I love the little tag, that is such a cute touch! It is so well done! The lining and the stitching look awesome. How long did that take?

Monica said...

thank you! I think I spent a total of 6 hours. far too long than it probably should. I messed up something on the top and had to take it apart, so that wasted time too.

Al Maulding said...

that's frickin' awesome! although it makes my stomach churn, but that's probably because i'm nervous about having a daughter. little girl clothes do that to me now. :)