Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quinoa Muffins

Yep. Weird right? Quinoa is an awesome grain (full of protein, meaning my brother would give the grain a HUGE thumbs up*), but I would have never thought to put it into a muffin.

I read Angry Chicken a lot, and she posted a Martha Stewart recipe for the muffins recently.

I liked them a lot. They taste super healthy (they pretty much are) and turned out very dense. I was into the denseness.

Some mornings I sliced the muffin in half, cut off the two "ends", and toasted the pieces. I spread peanut butter on the pieces and ate them with a big glass of milk (and sometimes even a banana.) The protein and fiber combo make this incredibly filling and I wasn't hungry for lunch early like I always am.

*My brother, at least since he was in high school, has been fixated on eating lots of protein. He always claimed it would help him "get huge". He was mostly joking, but I still hear that phrase occasionally. Once I was eating something high in protein and my brother said "Oh Mooch! Good choice, that will help you get huge!". (!?! no thanks.)

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(K) said...

I'm totally gonna make these muffins. I have a big bag of quinoa in my pantry, and I got bored with it a long time ago. Maybe I'll throw in some spices and dried fruit?