Sunday, March 27, 2011

Built by Wendy skirt

I haven't sewn a garment since last summer! (the dress for Chloe). When I was in Colorado last summer hanging out with Tana, I found some sewing books on clearance. One is "Sew U Home Stretch: The Built by Wendy Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics". It's a great, simple book. It comes with patterns too.

I USED A PATTERN! This is the first garment I have ever made with a pattern. (I have only sewn a small purse with a pattern before.) I honestly hate patterns, but I'm getting over my hate. I just really hate reading instructions. It's part laziness, but mostly I just want to figure out things myself. That's one reason math is fun: you can figure everything out yourself! Don't give me the formula!

Ok, that being said, I always run into problems I wouldn't if I used patterns. I'm going to start using patterns more. Wendy's patterns and instructions in her book are simple and not frustrating. I can use those sorts of patterns. The skirt was so simple to make since I had instructions. Chloe's dress I made last summer was really fun to troubleshoot along the way and come up with my own plan, but it's so much quicker having a pattern.

Here's a shot from the back, with a different shirt:

The suspenders are permanently sewn on, but it's not that tricky to get into. My fabric has some stretch to it (the design is intended for that because there is no zipper involved.) My fabric is thick and heavy so that whole thing is very sturdy.

A little off topic: I'm mildly considering buying a fancy-ish digital camera. I have been toying with the idea for a couple years now but I haven't wanted to spend the money. Wouldn't you like to look at much nicer photos? Say yes so I can buy a fancy camera with less guilt!


Amy said...

Yes yes yes and yes. : )

kathyphantastic said...

Do it. A dslr is totally worth the price.

Monica said...

Thanks for the encouragement...got one last night!