Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break, Day Two.

Here's what I've been up to.

I wanted something fun to wear later this week when we are running around SXSW.

Here's another picture:

I'm going to wear it like this:

It was really fun to make. I spent over an hour making it..eek. I used floral wire (around 22 gage) and measured a loose ring around my head (the flowers, floral tape, and extra wire will take up thickness). I wrapped another three loops around to make a thick base.

Then I started attaching flowers with wire -

(Clip your flowers with at least an inch of stem, then wrap wire around the stem to attach to the base. Wrap floral tape over top if needed. I didn't use floral tape that often for these steps.)

You "stack" the flowers on top and arrange them as you go. When you need to add a flower to a crowded area (one full of stems wrapped wire already), I found it useful to trim the stem very short, wrap some wire around the base of the stem, and use floral tape to hold the wire to the base. This enables you to easily squeeze more flowers or leaves into a crowded space. See below:

Pliers are great for certain parts of making this head piece. You can wrap your wire tighter in places and your fingers start to go raw anyway without them.

** Edit ** Here's a photo of me and Meg wearing one. I ended up making her one, too.


And now I'm making Cheddar-Sriracha Bread. (It's rising now, hopefully I can post a finished picture later.) Mmmmm. I love spring break.

(P.S.: Tana, your cookbook holder rules)


tanaconner said...

aaandd, you're rockin those flowers!

amy said...
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amy said...

(oops, messed up the link!)

Hi Monica-- We absolutely adore your handmade headpiece! You're featured wearing it today on our street style blog, The Style Co-op.

P.S. Love your blog too!

Monica said...

Thanks so much Amy!