Saturday, April 9, 2011

easiest purse in the world

I stopped by a large garage sale this morning full of old restaurant items like wine glasses, plates, coffee cups, decor, and bar stools. I ended up buying three thick tablecloths in pretty colors and a large vase.

I wanted to make a dress out of one of the fabrics, but I don't have any matching zippers around. I threw together a little purse instead. The outside is leftovers from the curtains I made for the bedroom and the inside is from a yellow thick tablecloth.

To make one, you just sew two bags separately - the outside fabric and the liner.

And then you put the liner bag inside the outer bag. (You put the liner bag inside the other inside out..)

Next you can make your button strap.

Then sew your button strap in as you sew the outer seam that sews the liner to the bag.

and sew your button on..


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