Thursday, June 23, 2011

Asparagus Salad (in Sweden!)

One night in Sweden our friends made my aunt and I the best salad:

- asparagus, cooked, but still firm
- boiled eggs
- bacon
- avocado
- melon (green)
- cherry tomatoes
- raw mushrooms
- lettuce
- lime wedges
- balsamic vinegar + lemon olive oil

I loved it. I think I ate three servings of salad...Mmmm. And they served us fresh bread and had a big block of some Swedish cheese out that we could slice as we go. And champagne!

And you get to watch the sunset as you eat. Perfect.

Eric and I made this salad last night for dinner, with a couple of variations. It's so good. (I don't have pictures from our version last night.)

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