Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Green Juice

I've wanted a juicer for about a year now and one of my aunts mailed me one she picked up at a garage sale. Eric and I love Odwalla's Superfood drink.

I made my own using kale, spinach, a granny smith apple, a gala apple, a handful of baby carrots, half of a lemon, and a couple pieces of pineapple. It's so good. Mine wasn't quite as sweet as Odwalla's; if you are going for the same taste, you would want to throw in another granny smith.


tanaconner said...

yes!! this is my fav post yet! (okay not of all time, but still) i am obsessed with that stuff.
and to think, i doubted your spinach in my smoothies.
that juice is one of the things i miss the most from america!

Monica said...

I love green juice too. You'll have to invest in a juicer one day. I made a carrot-strawberry-pineapple juice that was awesome. You'd be in love.