Friday, June 17, 2011

pencil skirt

I made a new pencil skirt from some thick red fabric I bought recently. The fabric has a nice texture (quiltish?) and some stretch. I started using the pattern I also used to make this skirt, but I went away from the pattern almost immediately. It didn't have the narrowness I wanted for a pencil skirt. I took it in quite a bit and added belt loops.

Have a great weekend! I actually have today off for Juneteenth. I think I'll bake some bread, go the gym*, and meet up with Eric and his work buddies for happy hour. Tomorrow we are joining in for "BBQ & Barbarella": we're joining several friends to drive out to Lockhart, TX for the city's famous BBQ and then reconvening in nighttime for dancing at Barbarella downtown.

*Eric and I joined the YMCA down the street. I hadn't been exercising hardly at all for a couple months or longer and the weather now has made it very difficult to go outside and run.

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