Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweden Post #1: Adorable Apartment

Thanksgiving 2010:
Aunt Elaine: I want to go to Sweden. Are you interested in going?

When my Aunt Elaine was in college, she studied abroad in Austria. While she was there, she met a Swedish guy named Lars. Lars and my aunt kept in touch throughout the year and the following summer my aunt stayed in Sweden for a couple of weeks and got to spend time with Lars and his family.

Lars had been planning to come to the states the following year, but during that year he was killed in a very bad car accident. He was only in his early twenties.

My aunt recently reconnected with his family and mentioned to them that she was interested in visiting the country again. My aunt picked up on my interest in going and began making plans. Lars' sister, Kerstin, let us stay in her and her husband's apartment in Stockholm. Kerstin is married to Mats, the same guy she was dating when my aunt visited Sweden 35 years ago!

The entire family is incredible; they are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I have met. Our trip was so special, mostly because of them.

Kerstin and Lars' mother is Ulla, and we visited her a couple times during our stay. I fell in love with her apartment immediately. Oh my gosh, her color pallet, her furniture, her decorating..perfect. Here are some photos below. The photos barely give her apartment justice.

Ulla and my aunt Elaine.

(Don't I look like my aunt?)

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Urban Earthen said...

wow what understated style. It look so sophisticated.