Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!! Last week while my parents were in town my dad was interested in going to the outdoor store Cabela's. Mom and dad had heard our ramblings of really wanting a kayak one day (nowhere to store that now) and bought us something that we could keep in our apartment now--an inflatable boat. It's really cute. Eric and I live really close to the springs so we already have been down there a couple times this week to paddle around. Wednesday evening we saw a bird swallow a fish whole that was too big for him and for a couple of minutes after swallowing his stomach kept jerking! We stopped for a little bit too to watch people swing off of the rope swing.

Here's our little boat:

They bought us a portable air compressor too that plugs into a cigarette lighter, so it's blown up in a just a couple of minutes.

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