Friday, August 19, 2011

happy friday!

Happy Friday!

Am I ready for classes to begin Monday? Why no, no I am not. I'm trying to quickly put together my syllabi and all that. My office is a disaster because I got approved to move into a much bigger office, so I quit cleaning up my office because I knew I was moving...

I just feel like laying around all day reading instead of getting all of my  stuff together for Monday's classes. I'm reading two books right now: The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch and A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. Diane Ravitch is a really remarkable education historian and educational policy analyst. I've been oblivious to most things happening in education because of how far removed I am from what's happening in the K-12 system. I went to a good high school and never spent any time in any K-12 after I finished high school. Then I began teaching college in South Carolina where most students came from good high schools. My new position here in Austin faces some students who have come from weaker high schools and I also have made good friends with a colleague that taught high school for many years. She really got me thinking about the state of education and recommended this book.

Haddon's book is an easy fiction read. He is the author of The Curious Dog in the Night-Time, which is an adorable book. You could finish it within a few hours. I love that book. I remember one of the exact spots I used to sit on the University of Florida campus reading the book and laughing out loud.

Two of my friends want to start a book club next month. I'm excited. The rules are so far are: (1) you read the book before the get-together at the end of the month (2) the get-together must have wine (3) there must be food inspired by something in the book.

Have a good weekend. I need to go work on my syllabi...

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Amy said...

Good luck with your new classes!