Friday, September 23, 2011


So yesterday was an interesting day. The day started off like the previous two days: every 20 minutes I would refresh the Austin City Limits music festival website, because at random on one day between Tuesday-Friday they would post a limited sale of their "souvenir tickets" for ACL 2012. They are only $50 opposed to the usual $185. Well yesterday it happened and I totally missed it. I had checked about 10 minutes before and when I looked several minutes later, it had already happened and it had sold out. Apparently the tickets sold out in three minutes! And guess what? Eric got two!!!!!!! He caught it and actually got through. My day was totally made (very few people win these!) Their website says about the souvenir tickets: "Get one and you should buy a lottery ticket that day!", that's how lucky it is.

And in the evening I was invited to get a drink with Meg and Stephanie. I ended up declining because I still had a stack of exams to grade. So I stayed at work after my evening class grading exams and came home and graded more....only to find out later that they saw Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan at the bar they went to. WTF !! I guess you can't win it all in one day.

No big plans tonight except cleaning our place. But I'm a little interested in going to the area where the film festival is happening in Austin.


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