Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 recap, a little late

This is a little late, but I was just now able to access my photos since my laptop started to die (my new computer arrived Friday and I'm in love.)

2011 was a really fun year with lots of baking, breakfast tacos, music festivals (SXSW, ACL and FFF!), girls' nights out, cute Sunday family dinners, picnics, visiting our families, swimming, and traveling.

The boy got lots of baked treats.

We drank tons of espresso thanks to mom's gift of an espresso machine.

South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival falls during my spring break every year and this past year may have been my most fun spring break, including spring breaks I had when I was a student. I could walk from our place to venues for free shows and there were so many places giving away free food and drinks. Austin's downtown is completely taken over by the festival; it's so much fun to walk around with all the people everywhere.

We rearranged our tiny apartment a ton.

We went on lots of walks in our cute neighborhood.

We had lots of date nights with friends and celebrated lots of birthdays.

I traveled to Sweden with my Aunt Elaine and met her truly incredible Swedish friends.

I got a cruiser so I could quit using my road bike for commuting.

We had lots of delicious dinners (Sunday Family Dinner, the official name) and brunches with Eric's family.

I saw my good friends in South Carolina and also got to meet this sweet little girl.

We had lots of girls' night outs (although our friend Greg got invited a couple of times..we started calling it Girls' Night Out..Plus Greg).

A best friend visited from Florida and we hosted a really fun Christmas party.

And on the final day of 2011, Eric asked me to marry him.


Amy said...

Well that sounds like a very lovely year! Here's to a 2012 filled with even more friends, food, joy and love. Hugs from Cali. <3

Monica said...

hugs back!

Monica said...

hugs back!