Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Over the holiday break, I got together with some of my family and an old friend for a craft day. We made magnets from fish tank marbles (you can get some fancier ones in craft stores, but you'll pay a ton more) and cute paper. We used clear tacky glue to glue the marbles to the paper, and once the glue dried, we glued magnets on the back. We used some cheap black circle magnets on some and bought some super-duper magnets to use on the others. We used some scary powerful glue for glueing the magnets (E700 or something like that.)

They turned out really cute.

I think the craft day will stick as an annual event for the break, along with the "Christmas Sweater 5k Fun Run" that my brother organized. Which, by the way, left me incredibly sore afterwards. That was a wake up call to get back in shape and finally buy some new running shoes.

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