Monday, February 27, 2012

Portland, Professional Development and Peanut Butter

I shared the most ridiculous sandwich in Portland this weekend.

A grilled peanut butter sandwich on Challah bread with black cherry jam, jalapeno, and apple wood smoked bacon. There aren't words to describe this sandwich.

I left last Wednesday afternoon for Portland to help lead some professional development that was happening at Mt. Hood Community College. When I was asked if I was interested in helping out with this one, I nearly freaked because a good friend of mine lives in Portland.

Several years ago I biked cross-country and met an incredible girl, Taylor, on the trip. Maybe another day I'll post more about that trip, but I am so glad that her and I shared that experience together. We actually hadn't seen each other since our trip.

Her and I somewhere in the middle of  the country (2006).

Catching up this weekend (2012).

So now that you met Taylor, I can share the story of what happened while splitting our sandwich on the steps outside a little boutique. I finished snapping a couple pictures of the sandwich and we both grabbed our halves. As I was about to bite into it, a lady walked by and goes, "I know that sandwich!" We smiled and shes goes, "That's the Hot Hood sandwich. Where are you guys from?" and I responded "Austin" and she smiled and told us to enjoy it as she walked away.

It turns out she is the owner of the food truck! How neat and really cute that she stopped and talked to us.

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