Friday, April 20, 2012

I haven't posted anything since last Happy Friday..bummer. I didn't really make much this week. I did make some chocolate banana bread, but I didn't love it. I went through a sewing book and picked out a dress to sew and got too frustrated looking for my fabric that I didn't even start the project. Our tiny apartment is busting at the seams; my fabric is spread out in various containers tucked away and usually having to find it is enough to deter me from wanting to sew anything.

On a brighter note, we should have a really fun weekend. We'll be celebrating two birthdays this weekend (both Kathy and Amy!). I've been craving fried chicken and waffles for a while now, and conveniently Kathy's birthday brunch is at a place that has the best chicken and waffles in town.*

Happy weekend!

 *Brad, Gordough's donut version is a close rival.

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