Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm back

I've been back in town now for a few days, but have been running around trying to prepare for my summer class I might be teaching. The class actually started yesterday, but is under-enrolled. Tomorrow I'll find out when registration ends if my class will make or not. I may have a lot more free time starting next week if it doesn't make!

Eric and I had a great (short) trip to visit family in Florida. We had less than a week, but I could have stayed for a full two weeks more. I didn't have nearly enough time with my parents, my other family and Eric's family. There were some good highlights though:

  • ate my first raw oyster! 
  • went fishing with Eric and his dad and fed our catches to the pelicans hanging out on the bridge 
  • found a venue for our wedding 
  • more importantly, we made some decisions about our wedding (we've been on the fence about having something super small or a normal sized wedding)
  • had a perfect beach day with Tana, Eric and Tana's friend Brennan
  • got all of our family together, including my grandma 
  • spent two evenings with Eric's parents
  • visited Eric's aunt and uncle in the Houston area on our drive back

Mom gave me some fabric (well thanks to Aunt Robin for that too), so I'm going to sew something soon.

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Amy said...

So agree with this one. Just spent 5 days with my family and would have loved to have a couple of weeks. I'm blessed with such a wonderful family- I hate that only having two weeks vacation dictates the amount I get to see them. :(

The beach was beautiful last weekend though- bliss!