Monday, June 25, 2012

pb&j cookies

I never had a pb&j until after college. I grew up on peanut butter sandwiches, but never had them with jelly. In college I'd get pretty mad when a roommate would use the same knife from the jelly and dip it in my pb. I had my first pb&j during a cross-country bike trip. We ate pb sandwiches every single day for lunch. Well, everyone made pb&j I think, except for me. One day I tried one (I used raspberry jam) and I was blown away. (For the record, I couldn't eat peanut butter for almost a year after that trip...eight weeks of eating pb every day, ugh.)

Above: Trader Joes donated two huge buckets of pb for our trip. I wish I could remember how long these lasted, but it definitely was only a fraction of our trip (we had 30 people). I just skimmed some photos from that bike trip, because I know we documented a lot of the weird sandwiches we made and I found this one:

Cara's peanut butter fluff oreo pancake taco. (Cara made the most interesting lunch sandwiches most of the time. One day I was riding with her and she had made a triple decker sandwich that was layered with peanut butter, banana, and leftover wedding cake that someone gave our group.)

That bike trip was six years ago, so it's safe to say that I like peanut butter again. I used Martha Stewart's recipe for the pb&j cookies .

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