Friday, January 24, 2014

Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Lemonade & Limoncello

School is closed today because of inclement weather. First things first: I made biscuits and got to sample the meyer lemon marmalade that Amy and I made two weekends ago.

I've never made marmalade before, but it was really easy and the meyer lemons were fun to work with. They're so beautiful. Amy picked out the recipe from Food & Wine.

Amy sent me home with some leftover lemons and suggested that I made limoncello. I'll post more about the limoncello when it's finished (the peels are resting for a couple weeks in the alcohol). The limoncello only uses the peels of the lemons, so I saved the juice to make mint lemonade (total treat..I never make lemonade).

No major plans today except doing some cleaning, crafting and some planning for next week's classes. We have very little snow outside, but I might be able to make a miniature snowman.

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