Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pennsylvania Visit & Pickling

I recently returned from a trip to Pennsylvania with my cousin Tana. It was such a relaxing trip. My parents live in the countryside and their house doesn't get at&t service and the their wi-fi is slow (sorry mom, but truth). I pretty much put down my phone when I arrive and am running around outside most of the time I'm there. A cold front came through at the beginning of the trip and one night we had a low of 52 degrees! We got to catch up with a bunch of family and spend time in my grandma's gardens.

Uncle Alan shows us the silk from a milkweed plant.
me, dad & Uncle Chris
Every night dad wanted to get ice cream...

An accidental overgrowth of garlic happened this year in the garden (we picked several 5 gallon bucket's worth), so we decided to pickle a lot of it alongside the cucumbers.

some dill, some sweet:

Well, as usual, I've been a terrible blogger. I really did make a lot of stuff this summer...but got in the habit of never turning on my computer (which was lovely). More soon (hopefully!).

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breakin the law, breakin the law.