Thursday, August 26, 2010

improper blogging.

oopsie..I haven't updated a while.

It's not that I haven't thought about it, but I've been incredibly busy. I have made one thing since the last post which is worth posting. I'll save it and post it soon.

Everything has been a bit of a whirlwind since moving to Austin including having Meg living in the apartment for a bit, having Keeley visit, having Eric move in, and then returning to work (a new work!). I finished my first week of teaching at my new home, HTU. First weeks are generally crazy anywhere, but in particular since it's a new school for me. I'm pretty wiped out.

In a teacherly fashion:

(1) I LOVE Austin.
(2) I'm obsessed with my apartment and neighborhood. Oh! I'll post apartment pictures. Check the next post.
(3) I think I'm going to love my new job. The faculty and staff are super welcoming and the school is home-y. My students also seem fun and my class sizes are small.
(4) It's going to be another couple weeks before things get slowed down enough to be posting more often. I'm itching to make stuff though so it can't be too long..

Happy Fridays will resume starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Are you using a tablet to teach again or are you using a chalkboard?

Monica said...

right now I'm using dry erase. Our dept. has a grant though to buy a lot of technology soon, so I've been told it is likely I can get a tablet to use! I miss it!

We have smart boards in some of the classrooms, but somehow I ended up with the rooms without ones.

At least my rooms are all equipped to be hooked up to a tablet, so I'll be using one as soon as I can :)