Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Weekend!!


I almost missed Happy Friday! Let me wish you a Happy Weekend! instead. You can wake up and maybe see this on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Speaking of mornings, I've come to finally love eggs. Yep. I'm a very unpicky eater- there isn't a vegetable, fruit, grain, etc. that I would ever turn down, but for some reason ever since I was little I never cared much for eggs. My mom used to make egg salad and I would be mad all day with that smell. In college, I tried to start eating them in hopes that I might learn to like them. I got to the point where I was indifferent about them, but they still didn't do much for me.

FINALLY I think I love them! My boyfriend makes them great and fluffy and I like them even with not much added. And of course I love breakfast tacos, but that's cheating since there are usually veggies and cheese living inside the tortilla too.

So Happy Weekend! Have some eggs.

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