Sunday, October 10, 2010

ACL > weekend of crafts

This weekend was Austin City Limits. I didn't buy tickets ahead of time because they sold out really quickly last spring.. And they are really expensive ($185 for 3 day).

I had Friday off from work and could hear the festival through the windows at my house and that morning I went for a run down to Zilker Park (where the festival is). The energy beaming from the whole thing was sort of contagious and I was really itchy to go.

Friday came and went and Saturday I was hit with the bug harder and pretty much had to go. I convinced Meg to come with me Saturday so we spent most of the afternoon searching/meeting up with people to buy tickets from.

So all the crafty things I thought I might do this weekend are now post-poned.
(Meg and I actually had some things planned to make, went to Michael's, and inside Michael's is where I flipped out about wanting to go to ACL and couldn't think about anything else).


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