Friday, November 5, 2010


This week went by so fast!

I don't have happy friday picture today. I'm sorry. But I have been busy making stuff this week, including over 100 mini cupcakes, so I'll be posting stuff this week.

This should be a great weekend: date with my bf tonight, math thing in the morning tomorrow followed by the gypsy trailer park food festival (see below), and something fun with meg and sean (I think) on sunday.


(Austin is one of the top cities for food trailers: we have them ALL OVER THE PLACE in Austin. Some of them have been featured on the Food Network. Anthony Bourdain loves Austin and our food trailers, too: Anthony Bourdain on Austin (towards the end of the clip features some of our food trailers)

Check out my friend's Kathy's posts about some of Austin's food trucks:

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Korean BBQ Tacos

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