Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cure your own salmon

This is just another thing to add to the wait, is it really that easy? list.

I would have never thought to cure my own salmon, but some of my best friends recently did and it was delicious. It's ridiculously easy: generously sprinkle some salt on fresh salmon along with pepper and other herbs like dill or thyme, wrap tightly in saran wrap, place in a dish and weight the fish down in your fridge for three days. (We weighted ours down using 3 cans of black beans.)

That's it. Whenever I find out something like this is so easy, I feel cheated. This salmon tastes better than the smoked salmon and you'll buy at the store, and we only paid $3 for the package of salmon we used.

Happy weekend! Mine consists of happy hour, crafts, and maybe even a wedding magazine.

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