Monday, January 9, 2012


I made them out of the small wire pieces that are intended for earring making (what are they called? earring rods?). These things (at the bottom). I think the necklaces turned out really cute and they were relatively easy to make. Below is the necklace I gave to my mom as a Christmas gift. She actually thought it was a necklace I bought - very flattering, but I should give most of the credit to the nice box I put it in.


Amy said...

Looks like it's straight out of Anthro. And they are called "eye pins" if they have the loop on the end and "head pins" if they have a the little flat piece on the end. :)

Monica said...

I looked for a bit trying to find what those were called! ha! thanks. I've had a stash of eye pins and head pins for a couple years and never knew what they were called.