Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm attempting to juice (only) this whole week. I made it through Day 1! Woot! I feel great. I've thought about juicing before, and anyone who watches the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead will want to do a juice fast. My motivation has come from this strange rash on my body right now. It could be a nutritional deficiency, an allergic reaction, or an overabundance of candida in my body. In any case, I quit using any products with sulfates in them and the juicing will help clear out toxins.

If you don't know much about juicing, it's fascinating to read about. Drinking fresh juices that are loaded with nutrients and enzymes, without fiber to slow digestion, gives your body a chance to divert lots of energy from digestion to cleansing.

You can read lots more about this stuff online. So far, I really do feel great. I did get pretty hungry at 4pm and at night yesterday, but it's totally manageable and I still had mental clarity. It's much different than being starving and irritable; you feel stable (and trust me, I can't do any work when I'm hungry.) I drank a ton of juice yesterday. I made kale-beet-apple-carrot-spinach-ginger, grapefruit, and some other green concoctions. I did put garlic in one of the last juices I made yesterday. It tasted fine, but burping the flavor up later is gross. Ew.

Although drinking any pre-made juice isn't recommended for the fast, having some OJ around gave me a nice break from having to juice so many things all day. In the morning I did a big batch so I could take juice to work. If you have to do this, I read that you should crush a vitamin C tablet and mix it in to help the juice from oxidizing. You really want to drink the juices immediately after juicing for the health benefits, but we all have to go to work..

Note: If you're interested in doing a juice cleanse, make sure you read all about it. There is a component that you must do during the process that clears your toxins...I won't talk about it here, but it's completely necessary.

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