Sunday, January 29, 2012

(Legally) Drinking in the Street

One day on a walk Eric and I stopped at a little liquor store to buy a can of beer to take home. The cashier asked Eric if he wanted a paper bag and Eric answered yes because we were walking home with it. The cashier asked which way we were headed and we were surprised to find out that it's legal to have an open container in the area of Austin we were in! What?! It's actually legal to have an open container in many areas of Austin, excluding the springs and areas downtown where the bars are. Our walk home is totally in the legal zone! We opened the can and walked openly with it home that day.

Last weekend we walked to Whole Foods and got a beer and a glass of champagne "to-go" and walked home. When you get a beer on tap at WF, they actually ask you "for here or for walking?" (I think they are referring to just walking around the store.)

Now if we go out, we take a beer with us to the bus stop for the wait! (I think we did this once before we knew it was legal..really funny now thinking we were being shady.)

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