Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday! This HF is dedicated to my cousin Tana and to my mom. Tana reminded me recently about how I used to walk my guinea pigs on leashes when I was little. My mom I'm sure bought the leashes for me to walk them, and she tolerated letting me having several guinea pigs when I was little. I don't remember how it started, but we ended up raising guinea pigs and had so many for a while that my dad and grandpa built a large outdoor fenced in area for them. Baby guinea pigs are the freakin cutest thing on the planet. They are born with all the fur, cowlicks and all.

 We had large cages inside of the fences so we could lock them up at night to be safe. One summer it was terribly hot and we decided it would be best to not cage them up at night, since there were so many that had to stay in the cages together. My grandpa had also built little wooden houses, with roofing tiles on top and all, that were out in the fenced in area for them. We figured those would be enough to keep them safe at night while they were still out. One morning my mom found all of the wooden houses turned over and my guinea pigs dead. Some wild animal or dog had killed them all that night. I remember coming home from school and my mom sitting me on the couch. I could tell she had something terrible to tell me, because I'm pretty sure she started crying before she told me what had happened. I never forgot that moment and now that I'm older I can't imagine being in her position having to tell your little girl that all her favorite things were gone.


tanaconner said...

i love this!!
makes me so nostalgic.
butterscotch, snickers....you must've had a candy obsession back then. :)

Monica said...

snickers was so chill