Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm not sure what I love more about having a little yard: being able to go outside easily (and privately) or having a bird feeder. In May I took a quick trip to visit family and would sit for long periods of time watching the birds in my mom's backyard. She has several bird feeders, and bird baths, and can have a dozen birds hanging out on any given morning at one time. I've only put up one in our backyard, but there's a constant buzz around it. This little guy was even out there when the temp was over 100 today.

He kept hopping around on the roof for a while, with his mouth hanging open like that. Made me laugh.

My parents and cousin are coming in town for the weekend. Tana's never been to Austin before, so we've got to do some of the classics: the springs, watching the bats, showing off the headquarters Whole Foods, Gordough's donuts, etc etc.

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Brad said...

Nice bird pics, Mooch. Mmmmm...pound some Gordough's for me.