Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Congratulatory Sausalito Cookies

Congrats Eric! This month has been really busy, including two different sets of parent visits, and Eric's graduation. Eric started college in Florida years ago and took a break for a few years to pursue music. He finished his degree here in Austin. I can't believe he's finally finished; every time his degree seemed to be in sight, an adviser would inform him about classes not transferring or there would be some really low level silly class he'd have to take.

He's had a fairly interesting experience being older than most students in his classes, usually coming through as an annoyance of their immaturity or lack of interest. He did get a lot of insight from me from the other side of the college classroom; he learned about all the pet peeves I have and how most professors get nervous still on the first day of class.

Bachelor of Economics! Woot! Instead of a cake, he requested I make Sausalito cookies (macadamia nuts & chocolate). I used this recipe and used dark, milk and white chocolate chunks. YUM.


Brad said...

Woot indeed. Congrats, Eric!

Mareva said...

And great cookies!