Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Wedding Day - Favorite Moments

Our wedding day was perfect. We debated having a wedding or eloping for a long time; I think we were actually still debating what to do up until the last possible time we could. We're both pretty practical, so the arguments for eloping made sense to us. The last call was in December when we realized we would never have the opportunity again to have all of our closest family and friends together in one place.

I can't imagine now not having done it. The planning, stress, and money were without a doubt worth it. We had such a special day and nearly everything was as good or better than we imagined.

Here are some of my favorite moments from our wedding:

Getting ready. I had a pretty relaxed time getting ready. I think the key to being calm getting ready is having alone time. I had an hour completely alone - it was so relaxing. I was nervous, but didn't have to small talk to anyone during that time and could just get myself together. My friend Lauren did my hair and it was great to have the room quiet while she did my hair, too.

First look. Instead of waiting until walking down the isle to see Eric for the first time, our photographer helped us set up a first look before the ceremony. I hid at the top of the court house stairs and she positioned Eric's back to me. Getting to see him alone was really sweet and in doing so we were able to knock out a lot of our photos before the ceremony. This allowed the picture time after the ceremony to be really short. I would suggest this to anyone planning a wedding; we got to jump into cocktail hour and visit family and friends before the dinner started.

Being outside. My #1 wish for our wedding was to have it completely outside. I love outdoor weddings. We found a great venue on the bay in Pensacola with lots of outdoor room. All week it was calling for a high chance of thunderstorms for our wedding day. I sat on pins and needles watching the weather, and the day of it rained in the morning and then turned into a gorgeous day. We couldn't have been luckier.

Having all your close friends and family in one place. There are no words for how amazing it is to have so many special people in your life in one place.

Eric's dad officiating. Eric's dad officiated, making our ceremony even more heartfelt. Our script was personal and intimate thanks to Eric's work in writing it. Writing your own vows is a detail I would recommend to never skip, too.

Thank you to everyone who traveled and shared this day with us. Proper thank yous to some special people that helped us tremendously coming soon.

  All photos by Jordan Burch Photography.


Leslie Dyan said...

Congratulations you beautiful girl :) Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and absolutely all of the best. You looked stunning on your big day!!

Monica said...

Thanks Leslie! I didn't realize you had a blog - now following =)

usfsteph said...

Thanks for having me! It was a lovely day xo