Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2nd Wedding Anniversary Tiramisu

Eric and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday. We ate lunch at Odd Duck. The meal was incredibly delicious and I left hardly able to walk after all the food and drinks we had. Poor Eric had to go back to work and I came home and took a nap!

We decided our anniversary traditions should include drinking limoncello and making tiramisu. We opened a bottle of limoncello that we brought back from the bed & breakfast we stayed at during our honeymoon in Italy. The bed & breakfast was set in the mountain above Positano and had a farm on the land. The family made limoncello out of the huge, sweet lemons that grew on their property.

Papa making the limoncello on the patio of the b&b in Montepertuso, Italy.

The tiramisu turned out amazing. I used the recipe from Del Posto. No store bought lady fingers - the sponge cake is made from scratch! I accidentally poured too much of the espresso on the first layer of sponge cake and had to make more. I probably used one & half times the amount of espresso the recipe called for and we loved it. (Note in the recipe it says "Don’t be stingy with the espresso, okay?". No stinginess here!).

More posts this week! I have lots to share from the month of May.

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tanaconner said...

that tiramisu looks perfect!!